Spanish Pronunciation Program
Full Consulting

The fastest way to reduce your accent

One-to-One Coaching Program is perfect for boosting your self-confidence, fluency and listening.

We’ll cover the most relevant areas of your pronunciation (specific sounds, connected speech, stress, rhythm and intonation) and design your Pronunciation Program geared towards your linguistic level, interests and personal goals.

Every session incorporates specific vocabulary and things you like: TV series, music, movies, current events…

How does it work?

1. Apply

Save your spot
There's around 6 weeks waiting list.

2. Step

Customising your Program
You and I will design your Program to suit your level, interests and goals from the first minute.

3rd Step

Acción & Diversión
Once we tailor your road map to pronunciation fluency, we can start with the fun.

Start speaking Spanish clearly, naturally,
with confidence

Spanish Pronunciation Classes for English native speakers

For English speakers

Focused on the difficulties English natives face when speaking Spanish.

Mouth training. Exercises to improve your pronunciation communication in Spanish connected speech and isolated sounds to sound more native like accent reduction

Train your mouth & ear

Accent training is not any different from any other muscle training: if you do the work, it will stick. You just need to learn how to train your tongue, jaw, throat and lips to naturally form the sounds of Spanish in connected speech.

certified Spanish native tutor teacher online speaking improve communication skills lessons classes course learn how to speak pronunciation

Friendly Spanish native coach

To ensure you grab the real sound of Spanish in a comfortable atmosphere.

Method that works, born from experience and investigation to boost your learning speed and pronounce Spanish better according to your goals and needs

Certified teacher

Experienced and with a college degree in teaching.

learn Spanish fast efficient accelerated progress with our method based on experience and research no filling padding adapted to your special specific needs

Accelerated progress for busy people

Learn at least twice faster with a powerful method, born from experience and research, that ensures your learning and keeps your motivation.
Learn and have fun at the same time.

speak talk in Spanish clear pronunciation neutral accent easy to understand

Speak only Spanish

I have a clear accent so you will hear only Spanish and speak it at least 99% of the time. At a natural rate.

Theory 20%
Practice 80%




This Consulting Program
isn't right for everyone

Who is for

  • Intermediate and Advanced students of Spanish.
  • People who want to follow a clear path and an efficient method in order to save time and speak Spanish naturally, with self confidence.
  • People who are serious, committed and ready to work hard.
  • Learners who are interested in getting immediate feedback for avoiding error fossilisation.

Who is not for

  • Beginners.
  • People who don't take action.
  • Students who aren't willing to put in the time and effort needed to train.
  • Students who want classes in English.
  • Students who aren't ready to leave their comfort zone.