Letter T

Spanish T – How to pronounce it like a native

Most of the English natives pronounce the Spanish T like in English. This is totally fine, because we can understand you, although that sound doesn’t exist in Spanish.

However, pronouncing the letter T in Spanish like a native is very easy and you can reduce your accent drastically with few simple tips.

IPA symbol

The symbol for the Spanish T is [t]. This symbol is the same in English although the 2 sounds are a bit different.

The sound of the letter T in Spanish

The sound of Spanish T doesn’t exist in English since the 2 sound are produced in a different part of the mouth.

The sound of the letter T sounds softer in Spanish than in English.

Spanish T, it isn’t aspirated -it doesn’t explode. This means that you don’t hear the puff of air, like in top and tank.

The letter T in Spanish always sound the same way, no matter its position in the word.


tienda, todo, tuve, harto, viento, alta, cultura.
Estoy harta de tanta lluvia.
Todo tiene una explicación.
La letra T suena diferente en inglés.

Tips to pronounce the Spanish T

If you know how to pronounce the Spanish D, pronouncing the Spanish T like a native will be easier. The position of your tongue is the same.

Spanish D how to pronounce the letter T sound different form English T and D tips and trick to speak like a native. your tongue pokes between your teeth and touches your palate, upper and lowe teeth mouth position

When pronouncing the English [t], your tongue only touches your palate while in Spanish, your tongue touches at the same time:

  • your upper teeth
  • your alveolar ridge (palate) and
  • your lower teeth.

Your tongue pushes your teeth and palate and the sound is produced when it’s separated from them. 

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