The Spanish Alphabet

How to pronounce the letter of the spanish alphabet words sounds like a native the ultimate guide for english speakers

The Spanish alphabet -How to pronounce the 37 sounds like a native speaker

The first thing we learn when we study a foreign language is the alphabet – perfect, now we can spell words but… can you pronounce those words accurately?

This is something funny. We learn languages to speak not to spell! However, very few of us learn how to produce the sounds of the target language.

You might have heard that, in Spanish, we pronounce the words as we spell them.

It’s a lie.

Some people may disagree and will say «Spanish is a phonetic language» -and they’re quite right. Nonetheless, less than half of the letters of the Spanish alphabet are always pronounced the way they’re written.

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Spanish Hiatus – Examples and how to pronounce them

Spanish hiatus hiatos when to separate vowels in different syllables con ejemplos with examples of hiatuses

Spanish Hiatus – When to pronounce the vowels separated + Examples

Have you ever tried to say a Spanish word but it sounded weird and you didn’t know why?

During years I tried to say the word «pronunciation» accurately. I used to produce every single sound quite clearly but the word still sounded strange and I didn’t understand the reason.

I wasn’t able to say that word without such a terrible Spanish accent.

Nobody told me what I was doing wrong.

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