Spanish Pronunciation Analysis – Will Smith

Spanish pronunciation alanysis assessment will smith intonation, connected speech, pitc, sounds, mistakes and how to improve and pronounce like a native speaker comparison with IPA international phonetic alphabet syllables errors película padre hijo tiene acción efectos especiales padre hijo After Earth el hormiguero london tv program

How well does Will Smith speak Spanish? Pronunciation analysis

Have you ever heard Will Smith speaking Spanish?
Could you say whether he has a thick accent or not?

“I’m conscious of my terrible accent”  

Will Smith

In an interview with America Reads Spanish, Will Smith says that he’s conscious of his terrible accent when he speaks Spanish.

Do you think that’s true?

Today, I’m going to analyze his Spanish spoken skills (I’m not gonna focus on grammar or vocabulary) and find out if it’s true what Will Smith says about his accent.

In today’s post I’m going to:

  • Analyze Will Smiths pronunciation (sounds, connected speech and pitch).
  • Find the pronunciation mistakes he’s making (and you can avoid).
  • Compare Will Smith’s accent with the pronunciation of a Spaniard [my pronunciation] (Audio + International Phonetic Alphabet or IPA).
  • Demonstrate how he should put words together in the sentences he’s using.
  • Identify his weaknesses and strengths, and tell a few conclusions and suggestions that would make him improve his pronunciation.
  • The 3 factors that make Will Smith succeed in speaking Spanish.

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Letter T – How to pronounce it in Spanish

How to pronounce the Spanish T letter T in Spain sounds different form English T because it's produced in a different part of the mouth examples o words with te como pronunciar la letra T en español para y diferencias con el inglés para nativos ingleses

Letter T in Spanish- How to pronounce it like a native

Most of the English natives pronounce the Spanish T like in English. This is totally fine because we can understand you, although that sound doesn’t exist in Spanish.

However, pronouncing the letter T in Spanish like a native is very easy and you can reduce your accent drastically with a few simple tips.

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How to pronounce letter D in Spanish

Spanish D how to pronounce example words ended in D like a native donut difference with English D

Spanish natives usually understand if you pronounce the letter D as you do in your mother tongue, although:

  • Sometimes natives will have to make an extra effort to guess your message: that sound you pronounce doesn’t exist in Spanish.
  • It may cause some misunderstanding since the sound of English D is similar to a Spanish T.
    Example: día – tía.

In Spanish, there’s more than one way to pronounce Spanish D, but Spanish-speakers perceive them as the same sound (similar to how English speakers perceive the letter P in “pin” as the same as in “spin”).

So they’ll tell when you don’t pronounce this letter like a native, but they won’t be able to tell you why.

Improving the pronunciation of the letter D in Spanish is very simple and you can reduce your accent drastically with a few tips.

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Letter C in Spanish – 3 ways to pronounce it

letter C in Spanish how to pronounce ce ci ch ca co cu when followed by e i a o u cerveza

Letter C: 3 different pronunciations in Spanish (with audio + examples)

Do you really know how to pronounce the letter C in Spanish?

The letter C may be pronounced in 3 different ways, depending on the following letter. One of those 3 sounds already exists in English, although you never use it for the letter C.

The other 2 sounds are very similar in English and Spanish but there is a slight difference.

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Spanish Vowels – Mouth Positioning & Kinds of Vowels

mouth positioning lips, jaw, tongue pronunciation vowels in Spanish

A little change in the position of your mouth can make you produce a different vowel sound and, consequently, change the meaning of what you wanted to say.

Have you ever heard a Spaniard pronouncing the word “sheet”? This is definitely a word that many Spanish natives avoid when they speak in English, as well as the word “beach”.

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