How to improve pronunciation in Spanish free e-book: "23 sounds of Spanish" alphabet, with audio, exercises and comparisons between English and Spanish sounds.

Want to improve your Spanish pronunciation and reduce your accent?

Fix your broken sounds, speak Spanish naturally and with more confidence

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An average English speaker has around 14 broken sounds when speaking Spanish - this means you probably mispronounce 1 out of 3 sounds.

A correct pronunciation not only leads you to speak fluently, but also encourages other communication skills automatically (such as listening and writing).

An average English native has around 14 broken sounds – this means that you probably mispronounce 1 out of 3 sounds.

«23 sounds of Spanish» contains the foundations of Spanish pronunciation and mouth positioning. It helps you fix your broken sounds, to better understand and improve your speaking skills.

Let the Spanish sounds dance in your mouth and you'll sound more natural and speak with more confidence

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