Why some people have a good pronunciation in Spanish, and get to connect with natives, while others can't avoid that thick accent?

The mistake (almost) every Spanish learner is making every day they practice...
...that is screwing their pronunciation up,
and what to do instead to sound more native-like.

In 8 minutes 57 seconds.

It isn’t about being born with “the gift”, it isn’t about the time they put into learning Spanish… It’s much more simple than that.

Something about a rare experiment that is related to your speaking skills in Spanish

In 2014, the psychologist Timothy D. Wilson summoned 15 volunteers at the University of Virginia, where he worked. The volunteers had to enter in a room; one by one.
Each one must stay there for 3 hours. There was only a chair and a button on the wall. No phones, no newspapers, no TV, nothing to distract themselves. Just the chair, and a button on the wall.
They could sit, lie down, think,, jumo, meditate, get bored…

Or press the button.
Most of them did press it.
– What happened when they pressed the button?
– The button gave them a small electric shock.
Small but painful.
– You know what happened after they received that shock?
50% of the volunteers pressed the button again. Some of them pressed it several times, even if it hurt them.

They preferred electric shocks to boredom

Imagine, when you speak with someone in Spanish:

if the flow of the conversation is slow,
if you need to repeat yourself,
if they need to focus to decode what you are saying…
they would probably wish to press that electric shock button instead of having a boring conversation.
This isn’t my opinion, it’s what Timothy’s experiment says.

Then what do I do?

You need to find out why you are stuck.

There is 1 reason for that.

(And 1 solution too).

Now there are 2 options:

  1. You can google, watch Youtube videos, listen to podcasts, read forums, ask natives…And search for the reason why you don’t get to improve your speaking skills.
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To find out:

  • the one thing most Spanish learners do every day they practice, that it’s only screwing their pronunciation up.
  • what they should do instead,
  • and how to improve their pronunciation without the need for a Spanish native speaker

you already know what to do.